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Ann T Olbrich                        August 15th - Naples Senior Center

" Thanks so much for sharing your awesome music with us at the senior center today! I would like to hear you again, could you please point me to a list of where you are going to be appearing? Thanks, have a wonderful day."



Jorge S.                               Naples, FL

Marly is an amazing singer/performer.  I have had the privilege of seeing her perform at Resorts, Country Clubs and fine Restaurants in Naples, Florida.  Her voice is breathtaking and her warm effortless style delighted my friends, family as well as the audience at the venues I have seen her perform at. What's makes her very special is her selection of music from her repertoire she used, which had people singing, dancing and most of all smiling. I definitely recommend you hiring her or seeing her perform, if given the chance.



Suchy Mellena                       December -  Hyatt Classic Lantana, she said:

“Thank you for a lovely show.  Your voice is beautiful!”


Janine Masson                      Décembre - Brunch Branchés, a dit:.

« Je veux votre album aussitôt qu’il est prêt »


Alfred Ryer                              October - Abbey Delray, he said:

“Vous chantez très bien!”



Dave & Cliff                             October - Abbey Delray, they said:

“We enjoyed your show.  You, French Canadian girls can really sing!”


Natalie Gurman                     June - Casa Del Mar, they said:

Rose Simborg                       

Edith Fuche

« Outstanding! from all of us!”


Jocelyn Scheer                      May - Courtyards of Broward, she said:

“Marly Johnson is a terrific performer- Great voice- Versatile delivery –Excellent personality & Beautiful to look at.  Highly recomand her to any venue.”



Isabel Na’amat                      May - Courtyards of Broward, she said:

 “Dear Marly. Thank you for a great performance ‘wow’.  Everyone enjoyed listening to you.”


Mollie Leber                           May - Courtyards of Broward, she said:

 “I think you are a million dollar voice and performer.  I love you and what you do.”


Florence Leroff                     May - Courtyards of Broward, she said:

“Come see us again. I enjoyed the show immensely.  Enjoyed the variety also.”  


Syvia Rosenberg                 April - RESC, she said:

 “Wonderful! Hope I see you on a cruise.  You have an absolutely beautiful voice.  I really enjoyed your voice and your personality.  Much good luck.”


M. Weisberg                           April - RESC, he said:

 “Fabulous!!!  Thank you for having given us a lovely evening!”


Gene & Barbara Lester      April - RESC, they said:

 “You were a pleasure to all of us.  Loved your performance.” 


William J. B.                        March - Harbour Edge, Delray, He said:

“Magnifisent voice, beautiful body, georgous legs!”


Gertrude Friedley                March - Harbour Edge, Delray, she said:

 “You made us feel so good with a warm smile and gracious manners, singing great song.  Love you.”


Marijane Sehracler              March - Harbour Edge, Delray, she said:

“You are a lovely talented and joyful young lady who will go far!  Keep singing because everyone will love your voice.”   


Vivian Landsburg                February - Temple Beth Kodesh, Boca, she said:

 “Very lively, very entertaining, love it.”


Esty Levande                        March - Marlen Gardens, Aventura, she said:

 “You are like Celine Dion! Thanks a lot for your wonderful concert.   You are so beautiful, talented.  It’s a great pleasure to look at you and to listen to you.  Thanks for everything, with love.”


Rudy Ruderman                   February - Classic Hyatt Boca, She said:

 “ You’re absolutely good & fun.  You were fantastically terrific & tremendously great.”



Jack Goldburg                      January - Patios of Boca, he said:

“Your singing is great, but for me, I always love when entertainers go out in to the crowd and get them involved, as you’ve done.  You’ll hear from me”


Eleen Ahlquest                    January - Patios of Boca, she said:

 “I really enjoyed your show.  Your beautiful voice was displayed in a real variety of songs.”


Arlene R.                               January - Patios of Boca, she said:

 “You certainly are one of the best entertainers I have ever seen.  We had a great evening.  Thank you!”


J. L. Bower                           January - Patios of Boca, he said:

“Love your voice & the range.  Your choices of songs were great.  I particularly enjoyed the Edith Piaf song in French. An entertaining evening. Thank you!.” 


Mitzo                                     December - South Club house Delray, he said:

 “Beautiful.  Very lovely voice.  We enjoyed especially your versions of Celine’s song!”


France Toscani                   December - South Club house Delray, she said:

“Every minute was a joy.  You are fantastic!”


C. Blanchard                        December - South Club house Delray, she said  

 “Lots of personality & so much fun.  Marly, vous suis adorable!”


Joey D.                                 December - South Club house Delray, he said

 “You are under class!  You should be in Vegas.  Move on!”


Jessie Conte                       December - South Club House Delray, she said:

 “Excellent!   We’ll have you back again and I’ll tell Steven (Booker).”  




?????                                   November - Beach Place Ft-Lauderdale, she said:

I don’t speak Spanish and the lady didn’t speak English.  But she seems to have enjoyed the show: No clue what it means but she wrote:

“Hay angeles q’estan en el cielo pevo; hay angeles q’anden pov la tievva vestidos de voces magicos.  Dios bendiga to hevmosa valento. Yo.” 


The Jones                             November - Beach Place Ft-Lauderdale, she said:

 “Loved your show!  You rock!”


Gen Corall                             November - Beach Place Ft-Lauderdale, she said:

“Lovely, inspirational, very musical & professional.”


Mary Bernstein                     November - Huntington Lakes she said:

“You should be the lead in a Broadway show.  You are gorgeous and have a beautiful personality and figure.”


Pearl Perilllo                         October - High Point West

“I enjoyed your choice of songs.  They happen to be my favorites.  And you sang them beautifully!”



Claire Riccardi                     October - High Point West

 Margo Curter

 “Beautiful voice, charming demeanor,  music a little too loud, very cute personality”  “Enjoyed the beautiful presentation”


Doris Einhorn                       September - Century Village

Nurith Weitz

 “Very enjoyable, thank you.”  “Fantastic voice!  Great show!!”


Linda Brown                         September - Concord Village

“Excellent!  Sings American Cabaret and let it out!  You’re got a wonderful voice”


Judy Kann                             September - Concord Village

Phyllis Silver

Irene Grubin

 “Wonderful Show!  Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Good Luck!”  “Excellent Performance”


Dan                                        August - Frenchie’s Bar & Grill

“Very nice voice and beautiful girl on top of it.  You have everything to succeed!”


Nicole & Newton St-John    August - Frenchie’s Bar & Grill

   “You have an extraordinary voice.  We are your #1 fans.  Tell us where you sing.  We would go to the moon to hear you, lol”


Angel                                     July - Beach Place Fort-Lauderdale

 “Marly, you are so great!!!  I do love the way you sing, superbly, Thanks, Angel”


Solomon Begazo                July - Frenchie’s Bar & Grill:

 “You’re very good!  You should be on TV somewhere!  Hope you get discovered”


Jerry & Deborah                  May - Carriage Hills, she said:

 “Excellent!  Very Good entertainer!  Wonderful! Come back soon.  You’re the best, so keep up the good work.  Lots of luck.”


Elliot FINKEL                      July - Europe Cruise Ship, He said:

Head Liner Pianist

 “I have played with many great singers in my career, but you have something special.  You’re glowing.”


N. De Bernard                     April - Café La Belle Crêpe, Hollywood, She said:

 “Let me know where you’re singing” 


A. Simon                              April - Boyton Beach, he said:

 “I want your Album”


A. Alvarez                            February - Performed at Francophiles Sans Frontière, he said:

 “I would love to get one of your new CD.”


N. & S. Fretigny                   February - Performed at Francophiles Sans Frontière, they said:

 “Love to get one of your new CD.”  


R. Le Gal                              February - Performed at Francophiles Sans Frontière , he  said:

 “Let me know where you play.  I love what you do.”


A. Bencomo                         January  - Performed at Ballas’s Resto-Bar,  she said:

 “You’re really, really good!  Thank you.”


C. E. Mozo                            January  - Performed at Ballas’s Resto-Bar, he  said:

 “Nice voice and performance!”


J. Stembridge                      January - Performed at Balla’s Resto-Barl,  he said:

 “FANTASTIC / MAZEL TOF.  I am a speaker of religious differences.  Your composition “Soldier of the Army of Love” will certainly be a hit.  You need to release it.”


Mr. & Mrs L. Kaliebe           January - Performed at Balla’s Resto-Bar,  they said:

 “Wonderful voice.   We enjoyed our evening.  Thank you.”


D. & D. Laconzola                December - Performed at Ballas’s Resto-Bar , they  said:

 “We really enjoyed your singing.  Thank you.  We hope you get discovered!!” 



R. Cloutier                              December - Performed at Ballas’s Resto-Bar,  he said:

 “You are very dynamic and I love everything you do.  I have a bar in Quebec, Canada and  I want you to call me to come and sing for us up there.”


C. & J. Whitecross                December - Performed at Ballas’s Resto-Bar , they  said:

 “We want to know where we can see you, because we will come to see you for sure.”


M.-C. Belleau                         December - Performed at Aventura Hospital,  she said:

 “I loved “Mon Ame” a lot.  This song helps me feel good.  Contact me when your CD is coming out.”


L. Parent                                 December - Performed at Aventura Hospital,  she said:

 “You were wonderful.  I loved everything you sang,  but especially your composition “Mon Ame”.  I want to buy it as soon as it is available.”  

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